RTC Crashes when Customize page on Role Centre

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Hi Everyone =;

Version: NAV 2009 SP1
Database: SQL

On the RTC I open as usual then on the Role Centre page I click on Customize this page and NAV Crashes?

This is a non amended system and occurs all on all clients including the server.

When NAV Crashes The ERROR is "Microsoft Dynamics NAV has encountered a problem and needs to clode. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

Error Signature
EventType : dynamicsnavserviceexception P1 : microsoft.dynamics.nav.client
P2 : 6.0.29626.0 P3 : 4a849d45 P4 : no asmandmodname P5 : no asmver
P6 : no modstamp P7 : no methoddef P8 : no iloffset
P9 : microsoft.dynamics.nav.types.navnonallowedaddincontrolexception

Thanks for your help [-o<



  • Jens_M-PJens_M-P Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 39
    I don't have much to go by - but based on the exception type, I would assume that this is related to an add-in being used - but not registered in the client-add-in table. So most likely the way to get around this is to determine what client add-in is used in the page and then add it as a row in the Client Add-in table (you may want to look at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd983818.aspx).

    Of course this should not crash the system - if you can provide more detailed repro (and possibly the stack trace from the event log), I will log a bug on it.
    Best regards,
    Jens Møller-Pedersen [MSFT]

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  • paddypowerpaddypower Member Posts: 98
    Hi Jens,

    Thank you that was the issue =D>

    What solved this issue was to add the "Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.MicrosoftDynamicsOnlineConnectControl"

    Into table 2000000069 (just copied from cronus) This resolved the issue.


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