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As far as I understand, there are 2 types of Webservices in NAV2009: Page and Codeunit. As soon as a page service is published, the create, read, etc. methods are visible. In Visual Studio, all fields of the records are visible by intellisense, and the records are quite intuitive to use in Visual Studio.

On the other hand, in a code unit service all public functions are published. Very easy for example to make a function getPrice("Item No").
I wonder whether it is possible to have a code unit service with methods returning or taking a kind of Nav records, similar to the read or modify handler of the page service. Maybe with dataports?

Many thanks in advance.


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    You can use xmlports as parameters.

    Also Codeunit can become helpers to Pages by publishing with the same name as the Page in webservice table.
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    Hi Rashed
    Thanks for your reply.
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