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i m using nav 2009 sp1,

i have one main page, and three subpage in it,
when i select category, first then vendor list subpage and item list subpage must update,
and when i select generate rfq action then and then third subpage purchase category quote must update
page-table relationship as under
main page(rfq)-category
1st subpage(vendor list)-vendor categories table
2nd subpage(item list)-item categories table
3rd subpage(purchase category quote)-purchase header

walkthrough-> when category select the item and vendor list automatically fills and
when i select the vendors and items from 1st and 2nd subpage and after that i click on action named:'generate rfq(quote)' then the 3rd subpage 'purchase category quote' must be display only those vendor's quote that i selected.

page name:purchase category quote
the main point where i m stuck up:- i have to supply the quote list to the 3rd subpage,
when i use this page as a main page, all is working fine. because the onopenpage() trigger load first time and filter using the quotelist.

but when i use this page as a subpage, this subpage loads(call onopenpage()) when the main page is loads, so how i supply the quotelist filter in this page when it is already loaded to the main page.
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