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Hello All,

i m working on rtc 2009 sp1,

i want to display the quote no. from purchase header table,
i am inserting the quote from vendor and item table to purchase header and purchase line table,
i am inserting more than one record in the purchase header table,
ex. 1120,1121,1122,1123 against the vendor i selected

now in purchase header table this records were inserted, but
on next page ex. purchase category quote page, i want to filter the record, that i inserted on previous page(request for quote),
i am unable to filter those 4 records on the page, and all records from purchase header table is shown, (i bind the purchase category quote page with repeater to purchase header table)

so my question is, how to pass the value of more than one quote no(1120,1121,...) to the next page and set the range filter of those record to the purchase header table and filter that table and shown in the next page(purchase category quote page)
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