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Sorry guys for the dumb question, but I am a bit stuck.
I am starting with NAV 2009 and need some help with account setups.

Here is what i did:
Installed everything on a single machine (Windows 7) taht is not connected to domain
This machine runs SQl server abd I can see the demo database there

I have given the current user (MACHINENAME/USERID) permisisons for the database.

I cannot login into the database even from the classic client. I am getting Invalid username and Password error.

I am doing something basic wrong. Help!
I am thinking there has to be a SUPER account, so I can login and set permissions for myself for Windows authentication. Is there?

EDIT: I have installed the NAV 2009 using Administrator account on this computer. When I tried logging in under that account I got pass that point (got a different error - VIEW SERVER STATE is disabled on SQl server). So the issue is the Standard account under windows 7.
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  • zeninolegzeninoleg Member Posts: 236
    Ok, here is the solution.
    I guess the problem happened becuase I have installed the NAV 2009 under Admin account and tried to access it from my regular Windows 7 Account. here is what i had to do:
    1) Ensure taht your Admin account has enough permissions to SQl server (security). In my case my regular account had all permisions and Admin account on SQl Server was restricted. So I have adjusted the permisions for Admin account.
    2) I had to set the Trace flag 4616 in the Startup parameters in my SQl server and restarted it.
    3) In the SQl Sever I have executed the following: GRANT VEIW SERVER STATE TO PUBLIC. (I did it becuase taht is how it was said to do taht in the Internet. I am not sure why that is required and what it does and if I did it right)
    3) I have logged in into NAV under Admin account and created new Windows login for my regular account.
    4) I have assigned this regular account a role of SUPER

    When I logged in my regular accoutn I was able to access NAV without any problems.
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