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XavXav Member Posts: 25

I want to manually enter a text of 4000 characters.
Have you a solution that allows for a form?
Do you have an example in Nav ?


  • matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    I believe text variables can only support up to 1024 characters (maybe this has changed, I've never had a reason to store more than that).

    You'd have to use something like WaldoPad to enter the text in Notepad and then copy it and split it over several fields in NAV.
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Question is, why you need that? Isn't Word (or other application) better for entering something so long?
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  • infonoteinfonote Member Posts: 233
    I think you require a BLOB variable type.

    From Navision help:
    A BLOB (Binary Large Object) is a complex data type. Variables of this data type differ from normal numeric and string variables in that BLOBs have a variable length.

    The maximum size of a BLOB is normally determined by your system's disk storage capacity. However, the maximum size in C/SIDE is 2GB.

    Use BLOBs to store memos (text), pictures (bitmaps) or user-defined types, but note that C/SIDE cannot display text stored in BLOBs.

    You can read from and write to BLOBs by creating input and output streams, respectively. To do so, use CREATEINSTREAM and CREATEOUTSTREAM.
  • XavXav Member Posts: 25
    I need to take very long comments to be included in a report.
    For this, i can use blocks of 1024 characters using the variable text. But I can not find a way to enter text in a form with newlines, like in Notepad. That's my only real problem. Is there a property or another solution?
    Then, for storage, not a problem. I append the strings to store in a BLOB field.
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Still, you will have problem to print the text on the report. What is wrong on the standard comment functionality, where you are entering the text line by line?
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  • XavXav Member Posts: 25
    Désolé. je pense que je ne m'exprime pas correctement. Je ne suis pas très doué en Anglais.
    My problem would be solved if I could enter the text in areas of 1024 characters (in a simple form), as in the example attached. But I do not know how to use the "Enter" to go on line, which is very inconvenient for the user.
  • XavXav Member Posts: 25
    Sorry. I think I am not speaking properly. I am not very good at English. My problem would be solved if I could enter the text in areas of 1024 characters, as in the example attached. But I do not know how to use the "Enter" to go on line, which is very inconvenient for the user.
  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    Multiline functionality is a crap: just use comment lines as kine suggested, i think that they'll properly fit your needs.
    From the form of the invoice you want to print, click Invoice->Comments.
    The user can enter the comments here and also do a carriage return by hitting Enter.
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  • XavXav Member Posts: 25
    Thank you very much for your help.
    I am surprised that Navision does not allow this type of application, except perhaps with Variable Dialog. But the dialogs do not seem very friendly and it's fairly complicated to achieve a simple result.
    I think I'll manage with the comments just as you advise me.
  • rsaritzkyrsaritzky Member Posts: 467
    There are several items in the "Download" section that address editing and storing multi-line, word-wrap text fields. I've used the DVP product listed below, but I'm listing everything I found with a quick search:

    NAV Integration to Notepad
    Make it easier to enter text in the comment line tables by opening an external text editor. In a text editor you are not limited by the record length of the comment line. The object is prepared to open the Notepad editor, but you can use any text editor that will return a text file. Refer to the information in the documentation part of the object to see the easy implementation of the object.

    NAVContinuousTextEditor v1.0 (Commercial Demo's & Trial Versions)
    This RichTexteditor form can be used as a continuous texteditor for comment lines, extended text lines or even sales/purchase lines. ...

    Waldo Dynamics NAV Notepad (WaldoNavPad) v3 (General downloads)
    With WaldoNavPad you edit big amouts of texts in some kind of textpad, and store it in navision-tables (in pieces) to be able to show the content in a subform. ...

    Memo Edit OCX Control for Navision v0.9 (VB6) (General downloads)
    This is sample to demonstrate how to host external memo control inside Navision environment. Works with all version >=3.xx. ...

    Navision Memo.Net v1.0 (General downloads)
    This is the mutiline memo component, you can use in your Navision forms, written as .Net DLL.

    DVP.Multi-Line Text Box v3.404 for MBS-Navision (Commercial Demo's & Trial Versions)
    The features include, automatic text wrapping, font and character formatting, such as bold, italics, underlining, and font colour. ...

    Navision Pad v1.1 (text editor) (General downloads)
    With this Pad, you can enter more the 250 charakters into Navision. ...
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Even you will resolve the data entering, you still will have problems with the printing. You will need to split the text somehow to correct line length with word wrapping and print it line-by-line. And why not to store it directly in this form? ;-)
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  • XavXav Member Posts: 25
    Thank you for listing these options. I now have all the elements to work.
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