RTC Chart Documentation?

Dave_CintronDave_Cintron Member Posts: 189
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I realize that the XML file structure for creating new charts is basically simple, but clients are asking for documentation on this feature and they are not as familiar with XML as we are. I can't believe that over a year after release there is no official instruction on how to do this, or is there???
Dave Cintron
Dynamics West


  • Dave_CintronDave_Cintron Member Posts: 189
    This is a nice tool but I wouldn't call it User Documentation. Is Microsoft now leaving the job of creating and documenting RTC components up to the channel?
    Dave Cintron
    Dynamics West
  • jillfrankjillfrank Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 9
    RTC Charts is an area that we do plan to address in a future release of documentation. Thanks for the feedback!
    Jill Frank
    Senior Technical Writer
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • jhoekjhoek Member Posts: 216
    Any news on this, Jill? A simple XML schema would already be great - just to understand the document structure and values supported.

    Many thanks in advance!
    Kind regards,

    Jan Hoek
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    Mprise Products B.V.
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