Database Syncronization between 2 different companies

vikasvikas Member Posts: 46

I have a query regarding data syncronization(Transfer) between 2 different companies

Navision is installed on 2 different physical location(2 different Machines)

Location 1:
Sql server DB with Company A

Location 2:
Sql Server DB with Company B

Both the database are identical wrt Database/table structure.

I want to know wheather the data from Location 2/company B can be replicated on to Location 1/Company A.

Please help me in this regard



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    pdjpdj Member Posts: 643
    Need a lot more details to be able to advise you. :-(

    If you just need to transfer data you could use a dataport to import and export.

    If you need some sort of logic while syncronizing you might have to do a lot of advanced coding.

    Another way could be to use a product from either www.kloster-import.dk or maybe www.expandit.dk. Check their specs and see if they can do what you need :-)

    Should data "just" be transfered or true two-way syncronized.
    Should it be "on-the-fly"?
    What kind of data would you like to sync?
    Are the two locations connected? How?
    Requirement to frequency?
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