Physical Inventory Count use with Physical Inventory Journal

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Physical Inventory Count use with Physical Inventory Journal - Please help.

Here is my situation:
    I have a PHYSICAL INVENTORY COUNT that was performed on 01/30/2010. We have negative quantities in our inventory. We have actively used Navision, selling and receiving items in from purchase orders.

How do I post these PHYSICAL COUNTS into Navision correctly?
Do I just use a DATAPORT with my EXCEL sheet and make the POSTING DATE the date of my PHYSICAL INVENTORY COUNT (01/30/2010)?
What about ENTRY TYPE and DOCUMENT NO., what should they be?
Also, how is my problem fixed for items that we did not have a count for like 0 or negative?

Much help is appreciated, Navision documentation is very unclear on the specific effects.
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    rajatkaliarajatkalia Member Posts: 65

    When u run the Physical Inventory Journal, the system defaults the system qty and suggests u the physical qty which u can change. Based on the physical Invent entered system automatically puts entry type as Possitive or negative.
    Also u have an option whether the system should suggest the Items that do not have any inventory. This exercise can be done in system itself

    In case u want to use dataport then 1st run the journal, export the data to excel (so u ll have the details in excel), then fill the Phy qty, Quantity (difference between Physical Qty and Qty) field, Entry type(Positive/Negative). If the physical count is 0 and system shows some stock then enter the Physical qty same as system qty. And physical count will never be 0.

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    ajaykt_2000ajaykt_2000 Member Posts: 81
    my problem is that
    i want to post physical inventory in a particular date. when i run calculate physical inventory then system calculate
    inventory on that particular date who i define in posting date. is it possible on Nav 4.0 sp3.
    at present system calculate current inventory.
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    kitikkitik Member Posts: 230
    There is no way to know the inventory you had on a given data, and that's because Navision allows you to change posting dates in any journal or document.

    You should:
    1. Stop posting on the items you want to count
    2. Calculate the physical inventory in the physical inventory journal
    3. Count the items
    4. Register the physical inventory
    5. Start posting again

    You could post new movements before registering the physical inventory (if no one deletes the physical inventory journal before you post it!), but don't do it unless really necessary.

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