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Dear All,
Here i m using Nav 2009 Sp1.Can we do Searching options for a field for the following formats?. For Example we have customer field in Customer card. i want to seach customer in that field first letter 's' it will show a menu form all customer starts with s and i h've to select particular customer from that menu.
Normally web applications have this type of search. Is this possible to achive this type of seaching options in Nav?. If there Kindly give me solution for this.


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    chengalasettyvsraochengalasettyvsrao Member Posts: 711
    RTC it will work .

    Classic it does not work.
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    AlagarAlagar Member Posts: 100
    Is this possible to customize in Classic Nav?.
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    chengalasettyvsraochengalasettyvsrao Member Posts: 711
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    lvanvugtlvanvugt Member Posts: 774
    I recall that when 3.70 (or was it already 3.60) was going to be released, including the new feature with record references (etc.), I attended a What's new session in Denmark. There they showed a search feature as an example of the record reference feature. Unfortunately I don not know what has become of that feature. Never thought of it again upo till now. It was really neat.
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