NAV 2009 Installation and Configuration exam



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    spijkie wrote:
    port 7046 is the standard port for the RTC to connect to the server, 7047 is used as the standard port for connecting webservices to the server.

    Good luck on your test, I plan to take him in the next couple of weeks too, and a scared for the deployment part too.
    AB-SO-LUTELY! That's what i meant...that "default port 85" is a too big mistake to be a real mistake...that's why i'm asking if i'm missing something :-k
    thank you, and best wishes to you, too!
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  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,996
    exam cleared with 80%, here's my funny scorecard:
    architecture = 100
    inst. requirements = 66
    rtc install = 100
    rtc client personalitazion 55 <-- :mrgreen: ok, i didn't study this part because it's so dumb..why should i memorize how to hide/show the things, when i have the rtc in front of me and i can click everywhere until i find what i want? :-k
    db server = 71
    Classic client = 100 <-- ok, this was eeeeasy
    deployment = a shiny 83, i thought it was more difficult
    optimization and troubleshooting = 77 <-- i think that the troubleshouting installation part has dropped the score

    honestly i found that the most pointless questions were about rtc personalization. Knowing that stuff in detail is pointless.
    BTW, i agree with jdvyska that some questions about the requirements and the troubleshooting should be part of a "new" different exam, and indeed examined deeper in this "other exam"
    "Never memorize what you can easily find in a book".....Or Mibuso
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