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Hi all,
I am creating web appliction with Asp.net & C#.net using Navision 2009 sp1 web services for Sales Order.Dose it required any Licensing or we can use as it is by publishing our web application on any machine.

any help on this please



  • ErictPErictP Member Posts: 164
    From the pricelist explanation

    Granule 9100 Dynamics NAV Server.

    This granule is required to run the Dynamics NAV Server. Running the Dynamics NAV Server allows Role Tailored Clients and Web Service connections to your system. The NAV Server forms the core middle tier server in the Dynamics NAV three tier architecture and in addition to the Role Tailored Client and Web Services, it runs NAV as .NET code. The server allows multiple clients to connect simultaneously and processes requests in a multithreaded environment.
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    You will need a license and the license you get will depend on your intended use for the application. If the C# app is going to be used to connect contacts/people/systems outside of your corporate network, then you should ask your NAV Partner about an External Connector. If the application is to be used by employees in the company, then you can look at the DCO licensing.

    In any case, talking to your NAV Partner will be a wise move as it's more complicated than just buying the NAV Server granule.
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