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Dear All,

I have installed NAV 2009 SP1 with RTC. Now the requirement is like if user has sent a particular purchase order for an approval then an email should be sent to the approver.

When approver receives a mail, the mail must contain a link to approval entry page so he can directly select and approve the order. Approver doesnt want to open Navision to do the same.

can this be possible? can i set hierarchy for approval ?

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    rakeshraulrakeshraul Member Posts: 10
    Dear Navision has given very good Approval system but there are loads of restrictions and limitations. I have developed Module on Document approval & Workflow for All Masters, Journals, Purchase & Sales process as well as on creation of user. It has same functionality of approving request without opening Navision. You can contact me for module. And its implement at 9 client (including big international brands).
    Tip for your requirement: Use outlook form and provide button in your mail as “Approve” & “Reject” on click send mail to specific Email ID. Implement Job Queue and read inbox of that id to approve your entry in Navision.
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