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Can I adjust or add a misc charge after a AR invoice has been posted?

I know it can be done in AP for landed cost.

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  • vj_iwayvj_iway Member Posts: 47
    I was also having the same problem,but there is no such provision in AX.
  • yipster222yipster222 Member Posts: 4
    Yes it is possible after some troubleshooting.

    1. Select the posted invoice and click on the Quantity tab on the line pane

    2. In the deliver now column enter the negative quantity of the invoiced quantity for all items

    3. Hit save and a window will pop up saying the posted invoice is being modify. Just click yes

    4. Post the invoice and chose the parameter quantity to deliver now the click on ok, the status changed from posted to open

    5. This will create a credit note that will apply back to the account and inventory will be reversed.

    6. Go to customer detail and update the credit note the invoice in function>open transaction editing

    7. Add the MISC Charges

    8. Now just go through the steps of re-posting the pick list / pack list and invoice

    9. Now you see the new invoice with the MISC Charges.
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