RTC Training vs. classic

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I was wondering how you do the training for RTC in a classroom environment for customers.
In classic client, all the menus are available and you can move between roles to show the steps that when a sales order is released and a warehouse guy needs to fulfill the order etc.

In RTC you have Department and you can access the Pages for warehouse, but wouldn't that confuse a new user that has not seen NAV?

Do you think it's worth to do an overall training for new users, or is personalized one on one for RTC a much better approach.

One on one compartmentalizes that user and many companies users have multiple Roles that they have to do.
In addition you have to know all their business rules to be able to step them through each of their activity. And when you do a first training showing them NAV, you don't all the information.
Usually the first training is displaying how standard Nav works, but that would mean in RTC to switch roles log out and back in and process a step for a different role and log out and back in or use Department links.

I would like to know your experience with RTC and training customers with it. Examples of experience for small company and large company would be appreciated.



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