Creating New Sales Analysis Reports in NF 4.0

tvandongentvandongen Member Posts: 78
According to the help function it should be possible to make sales analysis.
In the first step the on-line help says
To Create New Sales Analysis Reports:
Open the Sales Analysis Report window.
If I click on the text "Sales Analysis Report" I get the message form 7117 does not exist (indeed it is the correct message), but does anybody know what the right form is for this function ?


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    Ian_piddigntonIan_piddignton Member Posts: 92
    Hi tvandongen

    In the 4.0 I have installed Form 7117 is there and is the Sales Analysis Report. I think that you dont ahave all the objects in the databsae correctly.

    Try opening a new copy of the demo database and see if they are there.


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