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cnicolacnicola Member Posts: 181
Hi everybody,

I have the following situation. One of my functions will provide me with
a reference to an XML Document:
_XMLDocument Automation 'Microsoft XML, v3.0'.DOMDocument
(I am reading from a message queue using CPHandler).
Now for the rest of the stuff I need to do I need to get this XML into an InStream. The obvious way is to save the XML to a file, open the file and the create an instream from it.
But I would like to see if there is another way to do this without going out to the harddrive.
Any ideas are appreciated. :)

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    bruno77bruno77 Member Posts: 62
    This should work:

    Name DataType
    xmlDoc Automation 'Microsoft XML, v3.0'.DOMDocument
    _inStr InStream
    Rec Record (with a "XML DOM" BLOB field)


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    cnicolacnicola Member Posts: 181
    Thanks Bruno. That did the trick.
    Apathy is on the rise but nobody seems to care.
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