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So are current issue is we are trying to print the same thing on one yellow, white, and pink piece of paper.
When you select print, under number of pages we put 1, and 3 copies will come out.

Example of how it prints

If there is 2 pages it will go PG1 on yellow, PG2 on White, PG 1 pink, PG 2 on yellow, PG 1 on white, PG2 On Pink.
If you have three pages to be printed it will print, PG 1 Yellow, PG 2 white, PG 3 Pink, PG 1 Yellow, PG 2 White, PG 3 Pink.

When you select print on the printer menu print 2 pages and turn collation off, it prints properly reguardless of the number of pages, but we will get 6 copies of everything but only require 3 copies of everything thus wasting paper.

Any help fixing this little issue would be awesome thank you.


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    Tthis multiplication of copies is known problem. I think that this was corrected by some hotfix. Just ask the support...
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