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vpetrantonivpetrantoni Member Posts: 2
Hi everybody!

I'm writing an external tool in .net to read a Sql Nav DB, is somebody know where Navision store the value of the captionMl Field's property, in wich sql server Table ???

I found the "Object Translation" table but is empty !!!?



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    Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
    Just turn on Maintain Views in File / Alter Database and you'll get nice SQL views for table for every language you have installed.
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    derekderek Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for great tip.

    Another question about multilanguage: is there any table or view where I can find OptionCaptionML's for option values on SQL server?

    I found data values (0,1,2,..) on views field, but is there any table relations for this data?

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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    No, there is not such a table, but you can find solutions for that on this forum (and I thing that it was on Jörg's blog) how to do a batch in NAV which will export all ML captions for options into some proprietary table...
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    derekderek Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for information.

    I don't find any suited solutions for my purpose, so it's better that I don' t spend anymore time for this one.

    My vision was create sql clause, where I can get these MLcaption's and then put them on a report.
    Because there is no easy way, it is more straightforward to do these option caption's to report itself.

    Probably I need these option caption's one or two time of ten reports and these changes take one or two minutes.
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    alex9alex9 Member Posts: 97
    Is there any other way to access CaptionML values dynamically, except of MaintainViews option or populating custom NAV table?
    What is the possible solution if we need to expose NAV data externally and use corresponding captionML for the fields?
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