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Hi All ,

I am facing a unique problem which I wanted share with you all.

Step1: Exposed Customer Card (Page 21) as webservice and consumed the same from .NET
Step2: Using the below code to save some values in Customer table

Customer.ID = 'XXXX'
Customer.Name = "Guna"
Customer.Application_Method = Application_Method.Manual;

Note that Application_Method is a Enumerated datatype in .NET with definition as Application_Method

Step3: Exposed Vendor Card (page 26) as webservice which also has the option field Application Method.

Once Vendor card is exposed the definition Cusomer.Application_Method is getting automatically changed to Application_Method1 and you cannot compile the code unless the below code is written
Customer.Application_Method1 = Application_Method1.Manual;

After publishing vendor card the definition changed as follows

1- Customer Card
Customer.Application_Method changed to Customer.Application_Method1
2- Vendor card
Vendor.Application_Method is Customer.Application_Method

This issue occurs whenever you expose a new webservice with same option field;option field is changing to different type that is

Customer.Application_Method2, Vendor.Application_Method1 etc...

if again new webservice is exposed with same option field

Customer.Application_Method3, Vendor.Application_Method2 etc...

. Have anyone encountered similar problem with option fields ..?


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    freddy.dkfreddy.dk Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 360
    What namespace did you give the references when imported to .net?
    It sounds like you gave them the same namespace?

    I always give them CustomerPageRef, VendorPageRef etc. - that should remove the problem - but I will check.
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    alwaysgunaalwaysguna Member Posts: 45
    Hello Freedy ,

    Changing the namespace doesnt make any difference, I assume this is a bug to be fixed by Microsoft, but just wanted to make sure it is the same for everyone.

    Regards ,
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