NAV and Outlook

dabeldabel Member Posts: 44
We have a custom process that automatically sends customer statements through e-mails as HTML files. This was working fine and then we upgraded to NAV 5.0 and now the process stalls somewhere. NAV continues to churn out the files to the temporary folder, but for some reason, Outlook just stops drafting and sending them. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

For instance, it is supposed to send out around 3K statements. It works fine for the first several hundred and then it fails between NAV and Outlook.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


  • AlexWileyAlexWiley Member Posts: 230
    Just a guess, but did you lengthen a field name (email address, name, etc.) in your previous version that wasn't changed before the conversion, or the data was truncated? It is hard to say without knowing what the solution is that is sending out these statements and what programmed error messages and exception reports exist in it. Are you using a solution that gives you absolutely no feedback about why it is stalled? If so, you may have to go back to the person or company that provided it to you.
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