NAV Exam Solution Development 5.0 learning material from 4.0

ponury20ponury20 Member Posts: 11
I want to take an exam for development for NAV 5.0 but I've got preparation material for the NAV 4.0 (Development I and II) . Is it good enough? I mean I've read the 'skills being measured' topic on Microsoft page for both exams and they are almost the same but I'm not sure how different from one another is NAV 4.0 and NAV 5.0.
And second thing - doing NAV Solution Development exam I haven't done the C/SIDE introduction exam, and I'm not sure what to do : take the C/SIDE exam first, which is quite simple I believe, or to take immediately the Solution Development exam ( I haven't studied the Development II yet, but it looks quite difficult). Am I right that for the Solution Development exam you have to learn a lot more then just for the introduction exam?
Thanks for all the answers


  • matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    Yes, you should pass the Introduction exam first. Think of the first exam as syntax type questions and the second exam as algorithms.

    4.0 is probably good enough for the 5.0 exam, but not for the 2009 exam. You should be able to download material from partnersource or customersource.
  • BlackcatBlackcat Member Posts: 28
    it would be the best if you learn with the 5.0 Docs...
    I've passed my exam last year (Cside introsuction)...
    third shot...
    I've learnt with the material from 4.0 ..
    The most things are simliliar... but there are some things missing...
    read the 5.0 manuals, they are a much better help...
    and Notice the Tips !
    they look less useful than they really are..
    good luck
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,300
    If you're going to download material, might as well get the 2009 ones.
  • ponury20ponury20 Member Posts: 11
    I've just past the exam, 93% :) Wasn't that bad, Development I(prep. material for MB7-221 for NAV 4 which I used) was enough, just skipped the OCX, C/FRONT and ODBC chapters. The questions are extremely easy (like 'white type of field would you use for number?') and extremely difficult, could say not covered in preparation material or 'skills measured on exam' from the Microsoft website. My advice is to learn basic functionality in NAV, like sales and receivables (what tables are there used or what it does generally), or the posting process(from journal through register to ledger). Good luck for everyone!
  • matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    Congratulations!! It's nice to see someone pass who didn't cheat. Your hard work and study will pay off for you down the line.
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