Navision Field No of Table in SQL Server

tthyagutthyagu Member Posts: 33

I work in Navision 4.0 & SQLserver 2008. In a Navision table, 'Field No' & 'Field name' fields are available. In the SQL server table I am able to see the 'Field name'. I could not see the 'Field No.' field. Is it possible to identify the customized field names fro the SQL server table?

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    kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    I suppose you mean when you view the fields of the tables through SQL.

    In this case I think it's not possible.
    The field numbers are read in Nav through the Binary data of the table stored in Object table.
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    PBACALPBACAL Member Posts: 1

    If this can help, as I think that the binary content is not usable, I've created a table in SQL Server to store the Field Name, the Field No and the Table No. Then I used the design table in Nav that allows to copy and paste the list of Field No and Field Names into Excel, I added the Table No and then I pasted the 3 columns in my new table. This way I can do a join query with this new table and the **Change Log Entry tables to have a nice report.

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