how to install axapta 4.0 in Xp on single machine.

ashish1ashish1 Member Posts: 2
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while installing Ax4.0 i got this error message in event viewer..

The NetBIOS name and DNS host name of this machine have been changed.


  • jaestevanjaestevan Member Posts: 10
    When you say "single machine", are you trying to install a complete AX system (AOS, files, db, client) in an XP machine? You can't install AX without an active domain controller (wich whould have a DNS active).

    Hope this helps, if not, please post more information.
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  • MikerMiker Member Posts: 105
    It is possible, and simply real.
    I'll post my video lesson how to do this.
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  • MikerMiker Member Posts: 105
    Here my first video lesson - how to install dynamics Ax (russian ed) on local comp with Windows 7
    going to Europe
  • zuihuazuihua Member Posts: 43
    Hi Miker,

    Could you kindly send your video to my email box [email protected].
    Because your link is a Russian website, I don't know how to download or watch it.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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