What's the best book about programming for the RTC?

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What I'm looking for is basically, like, a collection of 100 tutorials on how to convert or re-develop typical Classic Client solutions for typical business problems for the RTC. F.e.

Tutorial 1.: a fom with a field for reading barcode, in Classic client the barcode reader will send an Enter and the form will have a button with the property OK, which therefore will be activated by the enter and call a codeunit, how do you redevelop that for the RTC.

Tutorial 2, Touchscreen POS form with huge buttons, in Classic it's just a question of "drawing" the buttons big, how do you develop that in RTC.

Tutorial 3, Touchscreen POS form with huge buttons but the buttons are arranged programatically f.e. based on user rights, in Classic, you've done that with XPOS, YPOS, VISIBLE etc. how do you do that with RTC.

Tutorial 4, matrix forms for the RTC etc.

Tutorial 5, converting reports that are fully based on TEMP tables and the integer table to the Reporting Services.


Is there such a book?

I've heard about this one: http://www.packtpub.com/programming-mic ... -2009/book - for example are at least 3-4 of the previous 5 examples explained in there? Because if yes then I think it worths buying.


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