Problem accessing NAV table through web service

mklijbergmklijberg Member Posts: 5
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A customer of mine is trying to access a NAV table (Item Translations) through a web service. However, the service keeps returning an exception:

itemcard_translation = WSItemCard_Translation.Read(ItemNo, "", "NL")

ex.Message = "Parameter Variant_Code is empty"

Can anyone tell me what the problem is (sorry, don't know the first thing about VB or web services). :oops:


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    Ashish_GuptaAshish_Gupta Member Posts: 56

    Please check your default Primary key in table and pass all the parameter while you read in table through webservice

    Ashish Gupta
    SS Dynamics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Ashish Gupta
    Navision Technical Consultant
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