How can I select more with CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT

jongjdejongjde Member Posts: 3

I need to change a certain program line but I don't know what the right context is:

The original (and working) line was: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT("Sales Shipment Header"."Account No."<>'AA');

Now I also want to ad "Account No."<>'AR'

So it has to be something like the next line, but that is not accepted:
CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT("Sales Shipment Header"."Account No."<>'AA') and ("Sales Shipment Header"."Account No."<>'AR');

Can somebody please tell me how the line should look like?

Johnny de Jong


  • idiotidiot Member Posts: 651
    CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(("Sales Shipment Header"."Account No."<>'AA') and ("Sales Shipment Header"."Account No."<>'AR'));
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  • kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    jongjde wrote:
    CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT("Sales Shipment Header"."Account No."<>'AA');

    Do you actually use such constants? :-k
  • jongjdejongjde Member Posts: 3

    It worked, thanks for the quick reply.

    (I knew I wase close)

    Johnny de Jong
  • ShedmanShedman Member Posts: 194
    As kapamarou points out, you should probably reconsider using hardcoded filters like this. Maybe create a setup for it somewhere?
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