XMLPort The Field does not exist. =>

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Ihave upgraded to from NAV 2009 to NAV 2009 SPI recently. Not sure when this started but here is my problem:

I create an XMLPort
I create a root node as text
I create a second indented node attached to a table
I create a third indented node as field. When I drill down to choose the field I get an error message and get kicked out

The message says:
The field does not exist. =>
Identification fields and values:
No = '50044'

There are a few tables that work (17,18,21) but most do not. Anyone have thoughts on this?


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    jwilderjwilder Member Posts: 263
    I have worked around this by creating then XMLPort from another machine (XP). It seems this might have something to do with Windows Server 2008. (Also another workaround is to manually type in the datasource instead of drilling down to choose the field)

    Windows Server 2008 has some pretty strict security so maybe it has something to do with that. Still an issue but fortunately there is a work around.

    1) The question for Microsoft is what happens (what code is run) when you drilldown on the Datasource field in the xmlport designer?
    2) Why do I get an error on some tables but not others when I drilldown?
    3) And why does this work from an XP machine but not Windows Server 2008?
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    kribokribo Member Posts: 12
    Had the same error using Windows7 - SQL Server 2800 [local] - NAV 2009 SP1

    Made a new table added a few fields - saved and compiled the table
    Tried to make an xmlport based upon the table.
    made an element - type : table - used the data souce lookUp - no problem
    tried to make and field element - and as soon as I click upon the data source lookUp
    I got the following error...

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
    The Field does not exist. => Identification fields and values: No.='200'

    After minutes of searching I came the the following solution ::
    Delete the Zup file [C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\fin.zup]
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