Adding Items to Phys. Inventory Journal

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I'm writting a C# code to update a Phys. Inventory Journal via a text file. The problems is when I tried to create a line with a Items that is not calculated by Navision and is really in stock.

I tried this code, assuming SereiInventari is a Service of the published Phys. Inventory Journal page:
                    article.Location_Code = botiga 'botiga is the catalan name for Shop
                    article.Item_No = dtarti.Rows(0)(0) 'The Item number has been tested before
                    article.Variant_Code = dtarti.Rows(0)(1) 'The variant code has been tested before
                    article.Qty_Phys_Inventory = Decimal.Parse(camps(1).Substring(camps(1).LastIndexOf(":") + 1)) 'In the case I'm trying is 1.
                    article.Qty_Phys_InventorySpecified = True
                    article.Phys_Inventory = True 'There is the field required by the message
                    article.Phys_InventorySpecified = True '
                    article.Document_No = cbDoc.Text 'The number of the document already exists.
                    article.Qty_Calculated = 0 'I'm noy sure if it is mandatory
                    article.Qty_CalculatedSpecified = True
                    ServeiInventari.Create("INVENTARI", article) 

But, even I specify the Phys_Inventori field (with his specified to true) the create function ever says the same: "El campo Phys. Inventory de la tabla Item Journal Line debe ser igual a 'Yes'. El valor actual es 'No'." (free translation: The Item Journal Line table's Psys. Inventory field must be equals to 'Yes'. The current values is 'No').

Any idea to help me?

Thanks in advance,
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