BOM Hiearchy

alien251alien251 Member Posts: 80

I was wondering if anyone has ever created a tree view form that displays a BOM and it's associated hiearchy, kind of like you see in the Business Anlytics Setup form for cubes.

For instance, something a little like this:
-Top level assembly
   -Sub assembly
      -Sub assembly 1
         Part 1
         Part 2
     Part 4
     Part 5
   +Sub assembly 3
 Part 6
 Part 7

Seems like this should come out of the box...




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    ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    Have a look at report 99000753 Quantity explosion of BOM
    CA Sandeep Singla
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    Big_DBig_D Member Posts: 203
    Hi alien251

    Did you ever come across a form/report that breaks down and displays the various BOM Component Levels? Report 99000753 is a great report for Production BOMs but am looking for a report/form that will give similar results for non-Production BOMS!

    With thanks
    Big D signing off!
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