Upgrading to Role Tailored Client

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Hi All,
I am in the process of upgrading ve.3.6 into NAV 2009 worldwide version. Now I have completed upgrading Tables, Code Units, Forms, Reports & Menu suites including the Data Ports & XML ports and I am happy to say that the entire functionality is working find in the 2009 NAV Classic Client. My problem is that how I can upgrade this into Role Tailored Client. In my view, the given documentation coming with the 2009 DVD is not enough for getting a good understanding on converting the version into RTC. Could somebody explain me the mandatory steps to be taken in this process. I would also appreciate that if you could provide me some URLs of some effective documentation on RTC. Your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated in this regards.

Thank you in advance.

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    Hello Premnav,

    You will have to
    1. create pages for all the new forms that are created in your database.
    2. modify the pages of the forms that are modified.
    3. Create reports through Visual Studio.

    You can use Transformation tool available in the DVD itself to transform forms to pages.
    you will have to assign new rights and permissions..

    all the documentation is provided by MS
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    hope its helps
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    Hi RawHeat,

    Sorry for giving you a very late reply but thank you very much for your valuble advices.

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