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StyvieStyvie Member Posts: 77
Has anyone had trouble with Navision when Item tracking large quantities of serial numbers at a time.

We have a prospect that receives around 10,000 serialised items at a time. They are sequential so the numbers are easy to find out, 1st one and last one, and then we can use the function - Create Customised SN.

This works fine, until I try and close the Item tracking form. Navision hangs for a long time (and my SQL server nearly redlines), while populating the Reservation Entry table (It seems that the table displayed onscreen is not the actual tbl and contains only temp info, which is written into Reservation entry when the form is closed.). This is very strange to me, as it does not seem like a robust solution - as surely 10,000 lines is not too much, I am sure Has anyone seen a solution to this ? Or is this just something we are going to have to live with ?


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    pdjpdj Member Posts: 643
    Track the problem using Client Monitor. You might find that i.e. the key used in TempRecIsValid is pretty bad. Try improving that for starters..
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    RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    you are right. the tracking form works on temp record. This means that when inserting it with 10000 of lines you actually use client's RAM to store them. This is probably procedure that user can wait (easiar with some progress bar).
    But when you are closing the form, all 10000 lines must be checked/validated and inserted in DB. And this is not accetable for user, since it takes even more time and he has already waited once.

    You should try to figure out what happens when inserting e.g. 10 SN (records are inserted in "Reserveration Entries" and not in "tracking spec." What else happens is changed?) Check the results.

    Then you should use your own function to insert/modify "Reserveration Entries" and other tables. Of course you should end with same results as doing it manually through the form and closing the form.

    Also check what happens if you open "Item Tracking Form" with already 10000 lines beihnd. How much does it take to open/close if you don't make any changes ?
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    TJBTJB Member Posts: 5
    I am having the same issue, did you find a resolution to this problem?

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    facadefacade Member Posts: 57
    Maybe you could forget about the form and make btn to Purchase Order Form > Line > Create Tracking No-s. (since you are using automated no-s anyway)
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    jreynoldsjreynolds Member Posts: 175
    This is just the beginning of your problems. Posting such an order will take a long time because each serial number requiers a separate item ledger entry with the corresponding value entries and item application entries.
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    TJBTJB Member Posts: 5
    Exactly, assigning directly from the PO is a good idea...less steps for the user, and it does eliminate some unneccessarry processing, but it doesn't solve the overall performance issue.

    so.....what to do, has anyone solved this before????

    we were thinking of handling this by creating our own SN handling, but this is a large task...

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    PhennoPhenno Member Posts: 630
    i have similar problem at the moment.
    And, it's not a speed that concerns me.

    we have approx 120 000 item no's daily....

    if I have one ILE per serial no' in few days i will have milions of them.

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    mstallmannmstallmann Member Posts: 138
    We had a client with a high number of SNs, (generated apprx. 30,000 SN entries daily), and we had to build a custom SN tracking app that associated our custom tracking records with Item Ledger entries. This is the only solution we found. If you find another way to get around this, please let me know.

    Also, if you need specific costing with SNs, you will need to automate the lot tracking process and associate those SNs with those lots....

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