ReportViewer Page Orientation defaulting to Portrait

devrajdgdevrajdg Member Posts: 6
edited 2011-12-01 in NAV Three Tier
I am trying to print a SRS report in RTC and its printing in portait by default, this is a problem as the report is a landscape report. Anyone know how i can set this. If i preview the report first, and then print, then its printing in landscape. But how do I print to landscape directly??


  • stevedivimaststevedivimast Member Posts: 39
    This is a bug of Nav2009Sp1.
    I have an open request to Microsoft support to fix it.
    There is another bug in NAv2009Sp1: if you print a report (new report only, not the old style ones) the RTC client became very very slow.
    Do someone else noticed these (ans some other..) bugs in Sp1?
  • khanhlkhanhl Member Posts: 3
    We are experiencing the same issue. Does anyone know whether MS have fixed this bug?
  • ROLAROLA Member Posts: 15
    Any progress on this issue?
  • amol_dj_007amol_dj_007 Member Posts: 14
    does this bug exists in NAV 2009 SP1 R2 also?
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