Is the question and answer for MB7-222 and MB7-516 are same?

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Hi all,

Am planning for appearing for my Development II Exam V.Nav 5.0(MB7-516). My query is ,i had a Bulk set of questions with answers which i had collected from my friends who had appeared for the Same Development II exams but version is Nav 4.0 (MB7-222). My friends told me that nearly 75 % of questions comes from the bulk question, even though version differs. Kindly need your guidance... Reply in earliest is highly appreicated.

[Note: I know that we need to appear exam by learning Study materials. That is what am doing. I just want get clarified whether there will be any major difference in both the exams.]


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    for 2009 most questions were rewritten. Some of them are quite similar to older versions, but there was an effort to make most of them new questions.
  • southindiansouthindian Member Posts: 247
    Same applies for Navision 5.0 (MB7-516) and Navision 4.0(MB7-222). I mean Question and answer differs. So there is no use go throughing MB7-222 Question bulk. Kindly advice sir
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    That is up to you, I'm not going to comment on that publicly
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    My advise is to learn Navision. CHEATING and LYING your way though your career is not a good thing. How can you help your clients with this.

    The customer will not expect you to answer ABBDBAACDACDA to a question they ask.


    The exams are there to test if you have studied and learnt. You can't pass the exam and then learn, because there will be no reason and you will not learn what is needed, but simply go on site and bill the client lots of hours. This is why customer get billed many more hours than they ever should.
    David Singleton
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    Thanks for your kind advice sir (Mr.David Singleton).... What you said is cent percent right sir... I will go through the study materials, understand the concepts,working out the exercise and then am planning to appear for my DEV II exam... Thanks once again for being straight forward in your reply.... :thumbsup:
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