not enouh free space while importing with dataport

lawlaw Member Posts: 19
when i try to import 122000 lines from a txt (16Mb) to an empty table, i get the following error: there is not enough free space in the database.
i have a 700Mb local native database (11% used). there is 7Gb free space on HD, on one partition.
the table have 3 indexes (~20 byte/key). i growed the db from 300Mb.

what i have to check? or how to 'shrink' native db?


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    FPulsfortFPulsfort Member Posts: 43
    Try to split your file in 3 or 4 parts and import the single files. Have a look at the free database-space after each import.

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    pevankpevank Member Posts: 7
    Insert counter and give a COMMIT after for example 1000 record
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