Confusion in Certification for 2009

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Hi all,

I am Planning to give NAV 2009 Exam(C\SIDE Intro) MB7-840 . As all of you know NAV 2009 Sp1 has been released
and got some additional features. So, Iam little confused whether i have to include Nav 2009 Sp1 features also in my preparation.

Why i asked this is, I'll justify with an example.

Pages will run in Nav 2009 Sp1 where as it wont in Nav 2009.

* If i get a question like this which option i have to select. (Pages will Run or Pages won't Run).

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  • matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    You probably won't encounter anything like this. The exams aren't out to trick you. They test on broad concepts (some would disagree with me, I know) that every developer should know.

    The exam was released a while back and it is my understanding that they don't really change the questions. Your best bet is to call Microsoft and ask whether or not SP1 specifics will be on the test. You should be able to find the number of the learning / certification pages of their website.
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,300
    The questions for the two development exams have been completely redone for 2009, and I can tell form personal experience that Microsoft took the exams very seriously. There should not be more than a handful of questions ported over from previous versions, and there was a big Q&A process to make sure the questions are valid.

    I doubt that there is going to be a new exam for 2009 SP1, so just take the 2009 one. Make sure that you take the exam knowing that it was written for 2009. If there is a question in there that is invalid due to new features in SP1, it's not in there to make you miss the answer, but because at the time that the exam was written, the feature did not exist yet.
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