Error - change SQL type from undefined til VARIANT

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I have a problem changing the type in tabel 110,112 and 114. After a while I get an error message:

3728,”42000”,Microsoft ODBC SQL Server Driver`”Tabelname”$0 is not a constraint (se the attached file)
(the first sentence in norwegian only says : The following error occured when accessing table....

I have deleted all the KEYS exept primary (No.) and I still get this message.

The db i 5.0 klient 5.01 and MS-SQL2005
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    Sales Invoice Header$0 refers to the primary key of the table, which is implemented on SQL Server as a primary key constraint. It appears as though when you save the new SQL type, it wants to drop the constraint by name, and it can't find it. Did you modify any of the tabe design directly on SQL Server at any point in time?
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    No, I have never modified this table directly, always with the Navision C/SIDE client.
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    1) Are you db_owner of the database?
    2) Look at SQL and check that this constraint exists. If not, try to create it with this name.
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