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Jan_LathouwersJan_Lathouwers Member Posts: 23
Is it possible to store ASCII value 7 (terminal beep) in a database table? I am accessing a navision database through a terminal and want to let the terminal beep. Any suggestions?


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    sggsgg Member Posts: 109
    if you just need the client to beep, then use the following:

    BEEP(Frequency, Duration)


    BEEP(300, 100) will beep the sound of 300Hz for 100 Miliseconds(1 Second)

    You get BEEP from
    C/AL symbol Menu -> DIALOG -> Functions -> BEEP
    Sunday, Godwin G
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    Jan_LathouwersJan_Lathouwers Member Posts: 23
    It is not the client that has to beep, it's the VT100 terminal...
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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 616
    Can you redefine the ASCII code 7 mapping for the operating system your terminal is connected to, to another printabkle character.
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    jmjm Member Posts: 156

    try this code in a codeunit:
    BeepString[1] := 7;
    ShellExec('echo '+ BeepString);
    BeepChar := 7;
    ShellExec('echo '+ FORMAT(BeepChar));
    and this function in the Codeunit:
    ShellExec(piExecCommand : Text[250])

    with following definitions:
    Name           DataType      Subtype       Length
    BeepString     Text                        1
    BeepChar       Char
    Josef Metz
    Josef Metz
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