Multiple Licences and SQL Server (and CITRIX)

McLeanMcLean Member Posts: 32
We have two Navision databases on the same SQL Server installation. User access is via Citrix. Each database should have it's own license file. Does anyone know how we can arrange this without the user's having to change license file each time they access the database?

Thanks in Advance


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    RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    You need granule "License per DB" and you have to change (each) database that it will work this way.

    The combinations are various. Some DB's can still use server's license (so you use same license and you don't need the mentioned granule), while other DB's can run with own license that is stored in DB instead in server. This DB require mentioned granule.
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    McLeanMcLean Member Posts: 32
    Many thanks for your reply, you gave me some useful pointers.
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