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I have gotten NAV 2009 to export as text no problem (as a test leading up to my real challenge).

I need to (nightly) pick up a text file and suck it into a journal. Same file name, every night.

I thought I would use NAS - which I have used in previous NAV versions for XML files. OK, I though I could just use a dataport, but no go (cannot use dataports with NAS). So, then I decided to use an XMLPort and suck in a TXT file that way.

I am having all types of issues (i.e. testing is not going well - since it seems you cannot test in classic, and I don't know if it is posisble to debug in the RTC. I decided to just try exposing the XMLPort on a page to see if I could at least get it to manually work. But I am getting an error about the default template name being blank).

My goal is to just import the text fields and then use code inside the XMLPort to take the data and write the records as I need (i.e. set the journal name, template name, line no, fill the data and insert the record).

So ... my questions are ...

I put the code in the on insert trigger of the table node - why is it trying to insert a record here?? I am importing text field?

Does my plan seem viable (i.e. have NAS run an xmlport for a text file)?

Arg. So very frustrated.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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    eagle_eyeeagle_eye Member Posts: 130
    Disregard ... right after I posted - I worked out a fix for my issues. Thanks!!!
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