E-mails from C397 stuck in Outbox.

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One of my colleges has encountered the following problem:

We have a client for whom we created an automatic interface. As part of this, there is an e-mail routine that e-mails the system administrator an error log as an HTML file created from a NAV report using SAVEASHTML to alert them that something has occurred that requires investigation. This calls the standard Mail codeunit (Unmodified) and uses the standard function calls.

This was all written in V4, where it worked OK, but they never chose to make it active. They were then upgraded to V5 Sp1 and decided to start using it. Unfortunately this did not work.

We corrected the initial issue, but found that while NAV would create the e-mails, they would be marked as "Delayed Delivery", so they would stay in the user's Outlook Outbox.

Even after the time set for them to go out, they would remain there, and would refuse to be sent on.

The Mail codeunit is still unmodified. Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

Many thanks in advance
Edward Bloomfield

Senior NAV Consultant


  • David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Member Posts: 5,479
    Not sure if its your case, but this used to happen in Outlook 2003 or one of its service packs. There is a hot fix available to fix it.

    I am pretty sure it is NOT a Navision issue.
    David Singleton
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