Is it possible to do Dataport indention ?

vid_rutvid_rut Member Posts: 14
With the dataport fileformat as fixed or variable ,is it possible to do dataport indention ?

I want to export the data from both tables sales invoice header and sales invoice line so that , It export firstline from sales invoice header and in the next line deyails from the sales invoice line.

If it is possible ,pls suggest me your idea.

No CustomerName Amount
1 XYZ 1000 -->from sales invoice header
lineamount 800 -->from sales invoice line
sales tax 100 -->from sales invoice line
excise 100 -->from sales invoice line

2 ABC Ltd 1500
lineamount 1000
sales tax 200
excise 300


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    i4tosti4tost Member Posts: 208
    Define table "Integer" for export and in Dataport Field list define you global variables which will have your needed values. Let say define two global variables one for sales header (SH) and one for sales lines (SL). Then in Dataport Fileds list write SH."Document No."; SL."No." and so on.
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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Indent in dataport is only for using with UPXML format (user portal).
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    lakshmivallurulakshmivalluru Member Posts: 168
    yes...but in navision attain.
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    MorganMorgan Member Posts: 12
    Well, I'm also interested in doing the same thing as vid_rut wants to do.
    I know that indent is only for UPXML format.

    The way to do this seems to use Table Integer as DataItem, but I don't understand how to do ???

    Could anyone give me more details about this?
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    iansilversiansilvers Member Posts: 38
    Instead of a dataport, you could use a report, and handle the output of the data by hand.
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