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I want to know if somebody knows if can I have reports in Greek language?, currently I don't have the multi-language functionallity, but my customer needs their reports in greek language. I found some forums where people says that we don't can use special characteres on the reports sections but I want to know if someone has information about this topic



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  • kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    Will your Client have the Greek language files? If yes then I think he will be able (assuming that you are talking about translations of captions)...
  • ilianadlbilianadlb Member Posts: 40
    No my customer don't have the language module, but they need their reports in their local language, in this case is Greek. My current Nav is in English but they need to get their reports (label and captions) in Greek. Do you know if I can get the reports in greek although I don't have the language module?

  • David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Member Posts: 5,479
    Just buy the Greek language module.
    David Singleton
  • ilianadlbilianadlb Member Posts: 40
    They can not buy the language module license, for this reason I'm searching a way to create this reports in Greek without license. Is that posible any way for this?
  • David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Member Posts: 5,479
    Why can't they buy it.

    It's like saying "I bought a car without airconditioning, but I need A/C is there some way I can get A/C without buying it."????
    David Singleton
  • devu_13devu_13 Member Posts: 101
    Dear experts
    Here one way to Print Reports in Own change your Section's Textbox property "Fontname" in your language font's.
    without any language module import. :P
    Just try It.
    Devendra Kr. Sharma
    IBIZ Consulting Services,India
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    Thank you so much devu_13 =D> , your solution helps me a lot.

    Just one more question, I install an Arabic font to test using another font on the "FontName" property, but in Arabic don't change the letters but in Greek yes, exist one reason for this? I mean does exist one reason to change only Greek characteres instead Arabic characteres and in both cases I have installed fonts one for Greek and one for Arabic?
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    ilianadlb wrote:
    Thank you so much devu_13 =D> , your solution helps me a lot.
    Really? I would think that English words in Greek or Arabic characters is not really a good solution at all.
  • ilianadlbilianadlb Member Posts: 40
    The solution mentitoned works only for Greek not for Arabic, do you know why this works only for Greek?
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