Blocking Problem

MallyMally Member Posts: 128
I m using NAV 4.0SP3.When I m feeding Journal voucher,it shows me an error "Excise Cenvat Claim Detail" table has been blocked by another user.Wait
But When I drilldown Sessions then there is no tick on Blocked field in session table.
Please what can be the cause of this problem? and solution


  • matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    I think once that error opens your session is no longer blocked.

    Are you running on SQL or Native database? Try running an sp_who in SQL after you run your command but before the error opens. It could lead you to who is blocking you.

    How many users? If not many, just ask what everyone is doing at that moment.
  • MallyMally Member Posts: 128
    Dear Concern
    I m using NAV 4.0SP3SQL DB.How can I run sp_who in SQL.I m new to SQL.
  • matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    Just open SQL Management Studio, do a new query, and type sp_who. F5 to run it.

    If you have an experienced SQL person there work with them. sp_who isn't going to mess anything up, but it's best if you can sit with someone who can help you understand.
  • MallyMally Member Posts: 128
    If its not showing any message then whats the use of writing this query?After running this query what will be the effect?Will I get the user name who is blocking when error comes in Navision.
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