Adding action item from C# to RTC page in Nav 2009

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Hi All,

After nav 2009 sp1 release, i have one query i.e.

We are working on addon that is developed in C# and Navision is communicating with it. Whether it is possible to add a action item let us say Add and its sup option x,y,z to page 42 from c# without working on page designer or using migration tool.

Thanks for help in advance!

Abhishek Pareek


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    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    I don't think you can. Pages are still objects in NAV and the RTC just shows them. The actual rendering may be done with .NET, but what to display is based on the Page object which is controlled explicitly from the NAV client.

    Even if you are building your solution as an add-in you would still have to register it in NAV. So I think you may be out of luck...for now anyway.
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    Yes, these type of things is not possible. RTC is rendering the page based on XML describing the page which was generated on the NST.
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