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We are trying to Automate input into Navision from our current Web-based system.
I am trying to use Data-ports to input new vendors into Navision as a simple test. I know how to do it using a Data-port but we have multiple companies and it seams that the Data-port update the current company the user has open by default. Is there a way using Data-ports and C/AL to read the text file and update the company specified in the text file. Or is there a was to specify which company the dataport updates and I can create a dataport for each one.

Also, I am new to Navison and C/AL programming, What book or websites would you recommend to help me get started?

Thanks for your help.


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    SbhatSbhat Member Posts: 301
    When you are inserting records into the current company you can simultaneously use the CHANGECOMPANY syntax and insert into the other company too.

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    floflo Member Posts: 25
    id try it with 2 dataports.

    in the first one you just update your companies that are no more up to date.
    you can write it in the c/al code of the data item in the pre data item to check for the company of the dataset in your textfile. if it is found, you can update it.

    to create a new vendor do the same routine and just add it if u cannot find the vendor already.

    but it seems a little more complicated with multiple vendors.
    but it can be solved with checking more properties of the vendor (e.g. adress or zip coe, telephone)
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