Manufacturing Time

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Hi All!

We are working with manufacturing module where liquid metal is produced in various furnaces, passes through foundry units and finally Steel Rolls passes through various machine centres in machine shops.
How do I define set up time, wait time and move time for different machines. Each machine can handle Rolls that may vary in size and weight.

Example :
Size Setup Time Wait Time Move Time
302 x 400 (small) 45 35 30
420 x 800 (medium) 55 45 55
680 x 1000 (big) 60 65 60

The above times are based on individual Rolls.
In Sales line UOM is Nos. and Base UOM of the product is KG
In Navision, do I need to define these Times in Unit 'Per KG'?

While defining Routing master, do I need to define Run time in 'Per KG'?

Please suggest .


  • kapil4dynamicskapil4dynamics Member Posts: 591
    Run time is used for calc and loading cost of capacities on FG, so what it is calculated on in ur unit, per unit of measure , per time they run or every production order has specific costs or if they run in diff combination then the cost is different ?
    Kapil Khanna
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