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I am reviewing the demo version of NAV 2009. In the version 5 offering we are able from a print preview screen e.g. Sale Order Acknowledgements, use Functions and 'send the report by email', or save it as HTML, then send the file.

In 2009 the option is not there.

Is this corrected in service pack one?
Is there an alternative way of doing this?



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    For RDLC reports in Dynamics Nav 2009 your options are to either save to PDF or Excel.

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  • PhilcPhilc Posts: 19Member

    In the Demo the Order Confirmation in the RTC using the print preview screen, there are on options to save to either pdf or excel. Is this something my support partner has to write? I would of thought it was standard to be able to send an order acknowledge to a customer using email.

    Looks like I will have to keep to the classic client until microsoft fix this or my support partner writes me the option to save the preview. I know I could use the print option to produce a document but the 'Send report by Email' is so much easier for the users.

    Does anyone know if the RTC will get this feature?

    Phil #-o
  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Posts: 5,063Member
    Saving as PDF or Excel is standard feature in RTC.

    From Excel or PDF, you can send it by e-mail.
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