Various ways of testing navision

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I am a newbie. I have just attended a 4 days navision technical training. Can you guys help me with the various ways of testing Navision? Functional testing is one part but i would like to know more about automation testing, load testing etc. and the various tools that would help me in performing all these testing.

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    There is sql performance toolkit that can be used for load testing. You can download it from partnersource.

    You could write custome CU that does certain things, but to test all the different aggregations/ scenarios, you have to code each one.
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    The automated testing tool is called the "Benchmark Toolkit", and should be part of the "Database Toolkit" that you should be able to find on partnersource. It's not easy to use, and you will have to write lots of code and do a lot of setup to make it work properly.

    Don't expect any documentation, because it doesn't have any :)
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