Alternative way to do a BOM using Business Essential License

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One of our client create a new COMPANY, but this new company has process of importation of Raw material. This is the scenario.

1. They will import the raw material.

2. When they received the Item, they will repackage it, like A0001 item compose of A0002 and A0003 sub Item.

3. They want to sum up all the cost into A0001 item.

I know it can be achive in manufacturing of NAV, the problem is they only using a Business Essential License.Is the anywork around for this case. Hoping for your reply.



  • chengalasettyvsraochengalasettyvsrao Member Posts: 711
    are u using any any machines, or work centres ?

    if not then use the KIT functionality .
  • SilvaSilva Member Posts: 281
    Nope, we are not using any machine or work center,

    but is the KIT Funtionality is availble in Business Essential License or It is available in that license? Hoping for your reply.
  • chengalasettyvsraochengalasettyvsrao Member Posts: 711
    The Kitting module will be implemented in the following countries:North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), France, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines

    In the US database all kitting objects are tagged "KITNA5.00" so it would not be difficult to merge those objects into another version. The question is though if you can get those objects into your license
  • jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    Have a look at just using the BOM functionality if you are just receiving and assembling the items in question EG a gift pack etc

    You can set it up quite easily and have a resource set up to cover assmbling costs etc, If not you may have to add an item charge to the top level item or GL line

    you can then run the calc standard costs to calculate the cost of the top level item based off the costs of the other items.

    BOM is included in business ready license.

    This means you should have no need for kitting.
  • SilvaSilva Member Posts: 281

    Thanks for the support, I will check your all suggestion. Thanks
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